About us

We support entrepreneurs and companies in making important business decisions.

We are a business advisory company specialising in economic and financial operations, with a particular focus on extraordinary situations. We guide customers through business changes, restructuring and reorganisation, acting as a financial advisor.

Over ten years of experience and more than fifty projects, often lasting several years, have allowed us to intervene in a wide variety of company situations and market sectors, building and strengthening the experience and skills of our professionals.
No one can describe the extent of our offer better than our customers.

Our method

According to what the customer considers to be most effective, our experts can intervene either directly, by taking on delegated powers within the company, or indirectly as external consultants.


The skills of our professionals are the basis for specific advisory services.
Our advisory services cover all the economic and financial areas of company management: an advisory approach that aims to provide a clear and effective response to the customer’s individual needs through targeted actions.


Targeted action by 3X Capital

Business process


In the event of a crisis, it is often recommended, even imposed by external parties, to discontinue management. Choosing to rely on an expert can make the difference between the resolution of a crisis and its irreversible propagation.
The experience of our experts allows them to act directly within a company that is having difficulties. They are able to hold leading roles, on a temporary basis, to effectively manage complex situations.


Internal action by 3X Capital

Business process

Vectors of change

When it comes to making choices, experience becomes expertise.

Angelo Rodolfi
Daniele Piazzalunga
Fabio Trabucchi
Marco Zorzetto
Giordano Cogliati


“Capital” is our name because we study operations for acquiring the share capital of companies, which we consider a good investment opportunity for various reasons.
In over ten years of activity we have had the opportunity to work with numerous companies. This experience has given us insight into the potential of companies, which is why we evaluate investment operations in companies, especially when they are focused on stimulating growth and development.

Transcend Packaging Italy

3XCapital participates in TPI, a start-up company linked to Transcend Packaging Ltd and specialising in the production of paper straws. Based in Ala (TN), TPI targets the most important players in the food and beverage industry to offer innovative and sustainable products.